Friday Award

The William C. Friday Award for Distinguished Service in Retirement recognizes exemplary accomplishments and contributions made during retirement. It is named for William C. Friday who remained active and influential in a wide variety of capacities following his retirement as president of the University of North Carolina system in 1986.  For example, he was the founder and co-chairmen of the Knight Foundation Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics and was the host of the WUNC-TV series North Carolina People. Nominees for this award may be anyone in the community; association with NC State University is not a requirement. Special consideration will be given to those whose activities are substantially different from those of their professional careers. The award may be made posthumously and more than one may be made in a given year.

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Nomination process:

The nomination should include a one page write-up of the individual’s background and accomplishments in retirement and up to 10 pages of supportive material such as news articles, supporting letters, testimonials, or a recent CV. The one page write-up should also include the name and contact information for the nominee and nominator.

Nominations will be accepted through the first Monday of March each year.  Nominations should be sent via:

Email (preferred):


US Mail: Association of Retired Faculty; NCSU Box 7923, Raleigh NC, 27695-7923

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