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Benefits of ARF Membership
Becoming a Member, Renewing Membership, Upgrading Membership

There are many reasons to be a member of the North Carolina State University Association of Retired Faculty, and they each fall into one or more of three primary categories: Fellowship, Information, and Advocacy. Specific benefits include those listed below:

  • ARF Monthly Luncheon Programs*
  • ARF Newsletter*
  • ARF Website
  • Make new and renew old faculty friendships
  • Impact University Issues and the work of University Committees
  • Keep abreast of university, university retiree, and general societal issues
  • Be entertained and educated at ARF luncheon programs
  • Receive timely email notices of faculty and faculty spouse deaths
  • Engage in implementation of the “UNC Tomorrow Initiative”
  • Support collective advocacy for issues related to 1) The University, 2) Citizens of N.C., and 3) retirees in general
  • Recognize and reward accomplishments in retirement, including the William C. Friday Award
  • Have two-way communication with University Administration
  • Link with other universities with retired faculty organizations
  • Support worthy causes
  • Help these benefits to be available for all retired faculty




* While notices of luncheons are provided by email, and while the Newsletter is distributed electronically by email notification of its being posting on the website, those individuals who are members in good standing (current year dues paid or life members) may, upon request, receive US Mailed notices of luncheons and US Mailed copies of the Newsletter.

From its founding ARF has operated to provide effective service to ALL faculty retirees without regard to membership in ARF.  Upon being notified that the University of the retirement of a faculty member or EPA professional, that person immediately becomes eligible for membership and, if an email address is know for the individual, begins to receive timely notices of ARF programs and services.


All retired NCSU faculty and EPA Professionals and spouses are, however, welcomed and urged to support the Association by becoming members. Others who are not retirees of the University may be offered membership by action of the ARF Board.


The Association offers Annual Membership and Life Membership. 


Annual members are expected to pay dues annually by academic year, beginning in September of each calendar year. New Annual Members who join between January 1 and July 1 are considered members in good standing for the following academic year as well.


Those who chose life membership upon initially joining or who chose to upgrade from annual membership to life membership may do so by the one time payment of life membership dues.


Annual and Life Membership dues are set by the ARF Board.


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